Our team consists of athletes, that have been active in youth academy- and (semi-)professional soccer as players or coaches, or are currently involved in different functions. We all follow the same vision and are connected through our passion for the game and our ambitious mind-set. Skillinhos wants to help children, teenagers and soccer parents, to practice with fun - anytime, anywhere.


We want you to become a better player and to become the best version of yourself! Only few become pro players, but everybody can improve - from a sunday league player to a Champions League pro! Skillinhos supports you with age-group specific, individual training drills. Who knows how far that journey will take you… We will develop our platform and our training exercises continuously in order to consider latest trends - and to let you become the best player possible.


Patrick Irmler


"The individual skills and a flexible mindset of a player is the game changer of today's soccer - this is exactly where Skillinhos comes into the game."

Patrick owns the 'Deutscher Fußballlehrer' license and is co coach of the 3rd division team SpVgg Unterhaching.

Tomas Zivcic


"Personal development as a player should not be a gamble - Skillinhos is a state of the art platform for individual training and development in soccer."

Tomas was already born as youth soccer team coach and developed his own training model based on influences of famous Ajax, Wiel Coerver, La Masia philosophies.

Steffen Vogel


"Working every day with digital platforms and in digitalization projects it was just a small step to digitize the soccer training in a smart way."

Steffen's life was just soccer for almost his whole life - having not made it opened other doors to a exciting business life with a great dedication to digitalization.

Michael Bergmann


"I was always looking for further options to become a better player - but there was no real support available. I am happy that with Skillinhos I can help other kids in the same situation as I was a few years ago."

Michi is the IT backbone of Skillinhos and ensures that our training app becomes the best version of itself!


With our Skillinhos Pro Soccer Coach we give younger and older players and especially player-parents, access to a high variety of age-specific training methods, training process and training-content. No matter if you are a young boy or girl, an academy player who sees a professional career possible we will follow your passion. Soccer - Always and everywhere. With us, you will be able to practice on an individual level and you will use specified exercises in order to improve your game. With us, you will become the best version of yourself! The Skillinhos Pro Soccer Coach does not only focus on the stars of tomorrow, but on everybody who has fun while playing football. Nevertheless, our soccer trainings are part of an ambitious Youth- and Professional training, so that you will benefit from our training no matter how old you are. Although parents, who want to support their children that are passionate about soccer, can use our application, in order to practice the right, and age-specific exercises with their kids on Sundays. That is how the Skillinhos-Concept works as an addition to the regular team-training even if you are not a professional coach.


For us as experts in soccer training education and youth-training we emphasize the high importance of giving kids and teenagers access to professional training programs. Therefore, the application is available for free and everyone has access to a professional training program.