For players

  • # train your skills - anywhere, anytime
  • # more than 200 exercises ranging from Athletics to Ball Mastery to Life Kinetic
  • # challenge yourself and your friends
  • # track your progress and improvement
  • # become a better player

For academies and coaches

  • # add your players without any hassle via an invitation code
  • # create your individual workouts based on more than 200 Exercises ranging from Athletics to Ball Mastery to Life Kinetics
  • # send workouts directly to your players' smartphone
  • # analyze the training performance and adapt your schedules accordingly
  • # support your players to become a better player


Our Coaching Platform enables you to manage effectively individual player training in addition to the regular team practice. You can easily navigate through the different sections and get all details on the first view as e.g. training schedules and performance data of your players.

Performance data

Clear performance stats give you an overview about the performance of your players. You can plan your individual and team training based on 'real-time' performance data. Support your players based on their individual stats to develop their full potential.

Create your own workout schedule

You can choose from more than 200 individual exercises. Our training recommendations help you to quickly create age-specific trainings. Of course, you can set up your own workouts easily via 'drag & drop’.

For academies and coaches

You want to offer your players individual training sessions in addition to your regular team training? You want to incorporate the performance data into your training? Just explore our training platform for free and go for your trial period.

Ball Mastery, Athletics, Life Kinetic - Our areas of expertise

We support you to become a better player. Very few make it to the professionell league, but everybody can improve - from a sunday league player to a Champions League star! We support you with age-specific, individual training drills. And who knows how far that journey will take you…

Ball Mastery


Life Kinetic

Exercise but with a clear goal. We will guide you through every age class and help you with any challenge you will encounter on your way. Get the best training drills and train in your living room or on the pitch – anywhere, anytime: 'If you don't believe in yourself, nobody else will.' Kobe Bryant


Become the best version of yourself! Human beings have a natural motivation to learn and get better especially in areas where they enjoy themselves. We at Skillinhos help you to navigate the complicated steps in developing your talent. We are professional coaches and care for our players. Download our app right now and get the best individual soccer drills to train anywhere, anytime – whether it's in your living room or outside on the pitch!


You don't become the best version of yourself with the wrong training. We provide more than 200 exercises to you - appropriate to your performance level and age. The Skillinhos Pro Soccer Coach works if you work for yourself or you want to exploit your potential in addition to your regular team training. Get our app and start your individual training right now.


Complete special exercises with given time- or touch-limit and unlock more difficult practice stages.


Get access to the biggest training catalogue in Europe with more than 200 exercises and related training videos. The next pitch is too far from your home, don’t care and start your training in your living room. Our credit system pushes you to perform at your best level.


Challenge your friend and get more credits as a winner! Just select your preferred exercise and schedule your 1 vs. 1. Proof that only a cool player is a good player.


Our badges guide you the way. Share and compare your achievements with friends. Let the ambition boost your play.